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The Picante Place


Consent, consent, consent.

It is crucial for you to understand and acknowledge the importance of this word. I have the autonomy to share my content with you, and it is your duty to honor and respect that.

All content is the property of Everything AR Entertainment inc., and is safeguarded by international copyright laws.

Should you choose to disregard the trust placed in you and illegally share my content, be aware that you may face legal consequences, including criminal charges.

It is essential to clarify that my content does not include "nudes." I kindly request that you refrain from making such requests as well. These boundaries have been firmly established and are not open for negotiation.

Why do I sell photos of myself?

I provide a platform where people can engage with my sexuality on my own terms.

Why should you have the right to sexualize me for free?

Why should anyone be able to sexualize someone without their consent?

The content I create is no different from that of lingerie models, fitness influencers, or even your best friend from high school who shared pictures from their day at the lake.


When I first started posting content on Instagram and TikTok, I received comments from folks who would objectify me and make sexual remarks. Although I didn't take personal offense, it was bothersome. The content I share has nothing to do with my physical appearance.

When I started my content creation journey, we were transitioning out of the depths of the pandemic, during a time when OnlyFans was gaining popularity. Many of my followers asked if I would join the platform. However, there was never any consideration because I had no intention of selling explicit content. I wholeheartedly support sex workers, but it's a personal choice I am not comfortable with. However, during this period, I was struggling with my mental health at my job (ironically, I was being sexually harassed by my boss), and a few of my followers suggested selling bikini photos. At that point, I thought, "Why not?" After all, I wear a bikini in public, so how is this any different? I took some old Snapchat photos I had, and posted them. The money I earned from those initial posts showed me that I had an opportunity to avoid relying on Employment Insurance (EI) benefits. Following a discussion with my doctor, I went on medical stress leave to distance myself from the toxic work environment. From that point on, I took my content creation seriously, started posting daily, and even established an incorporated business.

The most important aspect is understanding your own boundaries, setting them firmly, and never allowing yourself to compromise. I have been offered substantial amounts of money for nude or topless photos, including an offer of $10,000 USD for an unobstructed photo of my breasts, which I declined. The boundaries I established prior to starting this journey have given me immense confidence in what I do. My parents are aware, my grandmother has even viewed my content, and my sister works for me. Neither they, nor I, feel any shame.

However, I understand that not everyone will like or support this concept. I get it. You might also believe that I don't deserve to make money from my content because, as someone stated, "she is charging for her content that literally shows nothing." The truth is, I don't owe anyone anything. I don't owe people access to my body simply because I'm in the public eye, because I'm a woman, or for any reason at all. I choose to share this side of myself, and I love doing it! I feel empowered, sexy, and, above all, confident.

Whether you choose to purchase or not, it's entirely up to you.

The content is available, and I'm proud that I can support myself, my content, and my dreams.😊

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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